The recent statistics suggests (UNAIDS, 2008) that there are 2.4 million people living with HIV/AIDS in India. According to National AIDS Control Organization (NACO), women account for 39.3% of these. As HIV transmission in India (88%) is largely through heterosexual contact, the infection rate for women is increasing, and the low socio economic status of women continues to pose challenges in getting the treatment and overcoming social stigmas. The present study is focused on improving the quality of life of women living with HIV/AIDs in India. The review of literature and available information by NACO suggests that women bear the brunt of the virus more as compared to men. This report summarizes the barriers and discrimination that women living with HIV/AIDS face in India in procuring treatment for the virus. The structured interviews were carried to elicit information about the difficulties that women living with HIV/AIDS may face in preventing and dealing with the virus. Sample consisted of 30 women living with HIV/AIDS and seeking treatment in the ART centers of Punjab. This study examines the plight of women living with HIV/AIDS as they suffer from additional discrimination, stigma and household economic disaster.

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