The Centre organized an International Conference on "Women & Development : Issues and Initiatives" on March 26-27, 2010. The Centre received about 200 abstracts of the papers from India & abroad. The abstracts of the papers have been published. This conference had a participation of more than 17 Departments of the University. A large number of scholars participated in the seminar.



(March 26-27, 2010)


Organized by: Womens' Studies Centre, Punjabi University, Patiala


March 26 ,2010 Day 1 10.00-11.30 Hrs.


10.00 a.m. University Dhuni

10.05 a.m Welcome Address: Dr. Manju Verma, Seminar Director

10.15 a.m Inaugural Address: Dr. Manorma Kholi, Prof. Retd. Political Science

10.25 a.m Keynote Address: Ms. Amita Shaw, Director National Bal Bhawan

11.15 a.m Presidential Address: Dr. Jaspal Singh, Vice –Chancellor

11.30 a.m Vote of Thanks: Dr. S.S. Khehra, Registrar

March 26 , 2010 Session I Women Development: Global ISSUES

Venue: Senate Hall

Timings: 11.45-01.30 Hrs.

Chairperson: Nilophar Khan, Srinagar

Rappoteurs : Rajinder Kaur, Prof., Department of C.C.

Speakers and sub- theme



Women Development: Global ISSUES


Women’s Rights in Iran

Bahram Navazeni,, Iran


Peace And Conflict From A Feminist Perspective


Sherry Sabbarwal, Chandigarh


Changing Views On Marriage, Family And Work Among University And Graduate Students In Two Metropolitan Areas In India : A Survey

Yuka Kawano, Japan




Impact Of Globalization On Indian Women

Preeti Singh, New Delhi


Effects Of Globalization Of Women In India


Ankita Loomba and Deepika

Soni, Chandigarh


Condition of Women in Nigeria

Gazali Bello Abubaka, Centre for African Studies, School of Internationl Studies, JNU


To be a Women is Today's world………..good luck!!!!!!

, P.Lalsetta, Sales Manager, Tanzania


Impact of Globalization on Women

Sonia Verma


Impact of Globalization on Women

Rohit Garg, Chandigarh


Impact of Globalization on Women

Shiksha Rani and Ashu K. Bajwa, Ludhiana


Relevance Of Globalization For Transforming Gender Relations

Supreet Kaur,Chandigarh


The Impact Of Globalization On Women

Nilima Dogra, Naya Nangal


Globalization And Women In India

Vibha Sinha, Chandigarh


Globalization : A Friend or a Foe to Women Worldwide

Saroj Arora, Panchkula






Venue: Senate Hall


Timings: 2:30-5:30


Chairperson: Amita Shaw


Rappoteurs :


Speakers and Sub- theme





Women Empowerment: Triumphs And Trials

Alka Marwaha, , New Delhi

Women Empowerment – A Critical Review

Harpreet Kaur, Lopon

Women Empowerment : Indian Perspective

Renu Verma and Sheojee Singh

Women’s Participation - A National Perspective

Harjinder Kaur

Women Development: Historical Perspectives From
Discrimination To Empowerment

Jagjit Singh, Kauli


Women Empowerment : Triumphs And Trails

Development Perspective

Anjali Bahuguna, Uttarakhand

Journey Of Indian Women From Indus Valley To 21st Century

Makhija Charu, Bhatt Hema, Ludhiana

Women Empowerment – Triumphs And Trails

K.E. Ratna Prabha and Y. Ramesh Babu

Women Empowerment: A Myth Or Reality

Dilbir Kaur Bajwa, Patiala

Facets Of Women Empowerment

Prof. Meenakshi, Patiala

Empowering Women: An Indian Roadmap

Darshan Singh & Satish Kumar, Kurukhestra














Venue: Seminar Room, Dept. of Economics.

Timings: 2:30-5:30

Chairperson: Jasbir Kaur, Dean, Languages, PU Chandigarh

Rappoteurs :

Speakers and Sub- theme



Women Development from Inequality to Empowerment

Saroj Malik, Kurukshetra

Women Empowerment: Conceptual Framework

Kuldeep Puri, Chandigarh

Women Empowerment In India: Still A Distant Dream


Kirandeep Kaur , Aarti Bathla  and Lakhwinder Singh

Status Of Indian Women: Issues And Intervention Strategies

Seema Sharma, Rippen G. Jassal and Ramandeep Singh

Empowering Rural Women For Environmental Pollution Control

J.K. Gill and Usha Jindal, Ludhiana

Women Empowerment

Jasraj Kaur, Sunita Rani, Patiala

Empowering Women – The Way Forward


Davinder Chawla, Delhi

Women Development: Historical Perspectives from Discrimination to Empowerment with special reference to India

Paramjit Kaur Sandhu, Patiala

Understanding And Overcoming Cultural Constraints In Women Empowerment

Sarita Saini and Deepika Vig, Ludhiana

Empowering Women: A Step towards real Development

Ashu Chawla & Niharika Joshi, Ludhiana











March 26 , 2010 Session III Women: Law, Rights and Justice

Venue: Syndicate Room

Timings: 2:30-4:30

Chairperson: Dr. Harpal Khehra, Dr. Pushpinder Dhillon

Rappoteurs : Ravneet Kaur, Monica Chawla

Speakers and sub- theme



Women: Law, Rights and Justice

Discrimination To Empowerment Of Women: Role Of Indian Judiciary

Jai Mala, Chandigarh.


Women And Armed Conflict: A Case Of Kashmir Valley

Wakar Amin, Sonipat



Women and Law: A Peep into Impediments to Legal Reforms

Navneet Arora, Chandigarh

Law Relating To Women In India

Monika Ahuja, Patiala


Madhu P.Singh

Women Discrimination And Their Rights

(In Historical Perspective)

Parveen Pandit, Srinagar


Women Rights: Violations And Vindications

Sarita Jand, Patiala

Women Rights: Violations And Vindications


Ashima Sharma

Problems Of Women Living In Border Areas In Punjab


Kanwalpreet, Chandigarh

Women Human Rights: Myth And Reality

Leela Yadava, and
Nisha Garg

Legalization Of Prostitution In India

Shahinda and Parneet Kaur

Women And Human Rights: A Global Perspective


Ajit Pal Singh, Patiala &

Gurjit Pal Singh, Patiala

Cruelty: An Offence Against Married Women


Pushpinder Kaur Dhillon, Patiala

Problems Relating To Women Married To Non-Resident Indians

Monica Chawla, Patiala

Child Prostitution: An Analysis Of Malady An Remedy In India


Bhupinder Singh Virk, Patiala

Domestic Application of CEDAW in India: Role of Judiciary

Prof. Harpal Kaur Khehra, Patiala






March 27 , 2010 Session IV Women: Violence and Gender Equality

Venue: Seminar Room/ Dept. of Distance Education

Timings: 10-1:130

Chairperson: Parveen Pandit

Rappoteurs : Naina Sharma, Manisha Sharma

Speakers and sub- theme




Women: Violence and Gender Equality

Compensation As Dispensation Of Justice To The Victims Of Rape : A Critical Appraisal

Preeti Misra and
Alok Chantia,

Women: Status, Development, Advancement And Human Rights

Ritu Lehal, and
Daljeet Kaur

Domestic Violence: A Legal Perspective


Rajinder Kaur, Mohali

Violence Against Women: Claims And Conflicts


Amit Kumar, Ladnun

Domestic Violence Against Women In India: A Legal Perspective


Supreet Kaur, Chandigarh


Domestic Violence: Issues And Challenges

Neharica Subhash, Jammu

Violence Against Women In India


Harpal Kaur Aujla, Mastuana Sahib

Violence Against Women : A Barrier To The Pathway Of Women Empowerment

Jagroop Kaur, Patiala


Family Violence : Impact And Intervention

Rippen G. Jassal and Sarita Saini, Ludhiana

Violence Against Women: Claims And Conflicts

Sonal Singh & Apurva Goel, Chandigarh

Women Empowerment By Law : A Step Forward


Ramesh Bhardwaj, Kurukshetra

Violence Against Women – Causes And Remedies


Kirandeep Kaur, Kavita Mittal, Lakhwinder Singh, Patiala

Gender Justice Through The Voluntary Action Of Women

Nisha Jain, Muktsar







March 27 , 2010 Session V Women : emplOyment, education and related issues

Venue: Syndicate Room

Timings: 9:30-1:30

Chairperson: Ritu Lehal

Rappoteurs : Ravneet Kaur, Harpreet Kaur

Speakers and sub- theme




Women : emplOyment, education and related issues

Empowering Women Through Self Help Groups

SHABANA, Chandigarh

Motivations, Constraints And Training Needs Of Women Entrepreneurs: A Study Of Rural Women Of Jammu


Neeru Sharma, ,Namrata Goswami, Neha Gupta and Neeru Sharma, Jammu

Plight Of Working Women : Formal And Informal Economy

Divya Sharma

Women Education And Employment Opportunities: Problems And Concerns

Ram Mehar, Chandigarh


Marketing Strategies For Women Entrepreneurs Of Punjab: A SWOT Analysis

Shivani Sharma, Ludhiana


Plight Of The Working Women

Kamalpreet Kaur, Patiala

Education And Women Empowerment: Challenges & Remedies

Sukhpal Kaur, Patiala

Role Of Self Help Groups In Empowerment Of Rural Women

Hardeep Kaur, and
Navkiranjit Kaur, Patiala

Decent Employment Opportunities For Women - ILO- Ngo Interface

Rajesh, Delhi

Problems Faced By Working Women


Rajinderpal Kaur Sidhu, and Jagpreet Kaur, Patiala

Career And Family Values Among Female University Students


Jagpreet Kaur and Pawandeep Kaur, Patiala

Empowerment Of Rural Women Through Awareness Knowledge Programme

Harpinder Kaur and Shivani Sharma, Ludhiana

Quality Of Work Life Of Women Employees In Banking Industry


Sanjeev K. Sharma, Ritu Lehal and Nitesh Goyal, Patiala

Role Of Microfinance In Women Empowerment

Rajinder Kaur and

Varinder Kaur Ludhiana

Female Labour And The Politics Of Technology

Teginder and Dharamjeet Singh, Patiala

Empowering Rural Women To Improve Quality Of Life Through Rural Awareness Work Experience

Usha Jindal and J.K. Gill, Ludhiana

Women Entrepreneurship: A Tool Of Women Empowerment


Taranjit Rao and Shiva Chandigarh

Women Health, Education, Employment And Ownerships: Concerns & Contentions

Karan Jawanda and Shivani Gupta, Chandigarh

Selective Discrimination Against Women In Indian Agriculture


Nishu Bala, Bathinda

March 26 , 2010 Session VI Women and health

Venue: Science Auditorium

Timings: 12:00-1:30, 2:30-4:30

Chairperson: Parveen Balgir

Rappoteurs :

Speakers and sub- theme





Women and health

Maternal Empowerment To Understand Learning Disability-
A Recent Challenge

Deepika Vig and Sarita, Ludhiana

Women’s Health And Inequality: The Challenge Of HIV/AIDS

Sangeeta Sharma, Delhi

Psychological Well -Being Of Single Women In Relation To
Learned Optimism, Resilience And Proactive Coping

Sangeeta Trama and Sonam Dullat , Patiala

Problems Of Anganwadi Workers In The Implementation Of ICDS Programmes In A Project Of Andhra Pradesh

N. Sreerama Murty and Ch.Hymavathi, Andhra Pradesh

Augmenting Competency And Skill Among Women — A Reflection On Existing Support Intervention

Renu Nanda, Jammu

Trafficking In Women- A Global Issue

Swapan Deep Kaur, Mohali

Women Living With HIV/AIDS: Case Studies

Naina Sharma, Patiala

Alzheimer's Disease In Women

Praveen Balgir, Patiala

General Awareness On Breast Cancer And Cervical Cancer


Postmenopausal Osteoporosis In Elderly Women And
Recombinant Hpth As Potent Therapy

Nipunjot Kaur & Praveen P. Balgir, Patiala

Management Of Premenstrual Syndrome: The Naturay Way

Richa Shri, Patiala

Management Of Aneamia – Dietary Concerns

Barinder Kaur, Patiala

Stress And Its Management


Gurpreet Kaur, Patiala

Probiotics And Women Health


Parvinder Kaur, and
Aruna Bhatia, Patiala

Rheumatoid Arthritis: More Common In Women

Shobha R. Dhiman, Patiala

Maternal Characteristics As Determinants Of Pregnancy Outcome

Rupinder Bansal, Patiala

Women And Heart Disease

Madhu Khullar, Chandigarh

Bacteriocins For The Preparation Of Ready-To-Eat Meals

Seema Garcha, Patiala

Impact Of Violence On Women’s Health

Ritu Bala, Patiala


March 26 , 2010 Session VII women in lITerature and religions -I

Venue: Seminar Hall, Distance Education

Timings: 12:00 to 1.30 & 2.30-5:30

Chairperson: Tejinder Kaur, Dept. Of Distance Education

Rappoteurs :

Speakers and sub- theme



women in lITerature and religions – I

Women's Representation In Iranian Cinema

Mana Tabatabae Rad, Chandigarh

Historical Look At Women’s Writings In Iran


Paksima Mojavezi, Chandigarh

Emancipation Of Women In Context Of Viramma’s Narrative

Amandeep, Chandigarh


Spiritual Basis Of Feminism: Women In Sri Aurobindo’s Philosophy

Deepak Sharma, Delhi

Apana Mool Pachhan (Thy Yourself)

Rama Rattan

Interpretation Of Innocence to Experience: Indira Goswami’s an Unfinished Autobiography

Kshamata Chaudhary, Kota


Women In Victorian Literature

Rupinder Kaur, Patiala

Patterns Of Feminist Consciousness In Literature

Sangeeta Handa, Patiala

The Quest Motif : Feminist Voices In Post Modern Indian English Poetry

Jagruti Upadhyaya, Jodhpur


Women And Literature

Geetanjli Rajput, Samba

The State Of Women In Novel Nachyo Bohut Gopal

Rashmi Chaturvedi, Kanpur

Women In Godan, A Novel By Prem Chand

H.S. Nagi, Ludhiana

Empowerment Of Women: Understanding Ambedkar’s Viewpoint

Navjot, Chandigarh

Women In Literature

Tanuka Das, Santiniketan

Women Writing the Self : Emerging from the Shadows

Anupama Vohra, Jammu

Status Of Women In Sikhism : A Narrative On Historical And Contemporary Scenario

Ushvinder Kaur Popli, New Delhi

Are Women Human? Literature As Photochronographic Document

Amrita Sharma, Sonepat

Feminism In The Context Of Multiculturalism :
A Portrayal Of Women In The Postcolonial Literature

Paramjit Kaur Chahal, Patiala

Changing Facets Of Indian Women And Women's Issues In Selected Indian English Fiction : A Study

Tejinder Kaur, Patiala


Women In Jainism


Pradyumna Shah Singh, Patiala

Gender Justice Through The Voluntary Action Of Women Voice Of Protest: Mahasweta Devi’s Aesthetics And Activism

Monika Sethi, Jammu


Women In Literature

Neena Malhotra, Ambala

Women’s Journey from Victimhood to Victor hood: A Study of Select Hindi Women Writers

Anju Thappa, Jammu

Dehumanization of Slaves in Toni Morrison’s Beloved

Neena Malhotra, Ambala


March 27 , 2010 Session VII women in lITerature and religions-II

Venue: Senate Hall

Timings: 9:30-12:30

Chairperson: Amrit Pal Kaur & Dalip Kaur Tiwana

Rappoteurs :

Speakers and sub- theme


women in lITerature and religions – II


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March 27 , 2010 Session VIII Miscellaneous Issues

Venue: Science Auditorium

Timings: 10.00-01:30

Chairpersons: Prof. Jagroop Kaur and Prof. Meenakshi Sharma

Rappoteurs :

Speakers and Sub- theme



miscellaneous Issues

Declining Male Female Ratio In India: A Legal Perspective

Priyanka Vij and Nimanniyu Sharma, Chandigarh

Behavioral Patterns In Adolescent Girls: Intervention Of Social Work

Richa Choudhary, New Delhi

Impact of Intervention Programme on Interpersonal Relationships of Rural Adolescent Girls

Thind S, Mahal R and Chawla A

An Outlook On The Biggest Social Issue - Female Foeticide

Jasmine Tiwana and Jasmindeep Kaur, Patiala

Adolescents - Nutritional Needs And Concerns

Isht Preet Kaur, Patiala

Impact Of Globalization On Women

Jaspreet Kaur, Patiala

Globalization And Feminisation Of Labour

Pooja Rani, Patiala

Gender As Global Issue: Role Of Regional Organizations


Sheveta Sehgal, PATIALA

The Role Of Women In Development: Some Initiatives

Balwinderjit Kaur, Patiala

Women Development : Its Historical Perspective

from Reinforcement to Empowerment

Ruchi Bedi,Patiala

Rights Of Women Under Indian Constitution For Alleviating Poverty

Yashwinder Kaur, Patiala.


Status Of Women In India With Particular Reference To Their Political Empowerment : A Perspective

Antar Jyoti Ghai, Ludhiana


Violence against Women: Issues and Perspectives

Renu Sharma, Patiala

Dalit Women In Punjab Politics

Lovedeep Kumar, Patiala

Reservation For Women And Political Equality-Study Of Jammu And Kashmir

Ravinder Jit Kaur, Kashmir


Women Reservation Bill – Towards Gender Balancing In Political Decision-Making

Rajinder Kaur, Patiala

Political Status Of Women In India : An Analysis

Amandeep Kaur, Patiala

Empowering Women Through Panchayati Raj : Rhetoric And Reality

Sukhdev Singh, and
Verminder Kaur

Gender Equality: Analysis Of Decentralised Planning

Davinder Pal Kaur, Ludhiana

Is There A Women’s Movement In Assam? Rethinking The ‘Women’s Question’ In Contemporary Assam


Joanna Mahjebeen, and
Sakira Shahin , Gauhati

ICT: A Strategy for Women Empowerment

Dilraj Singh, Patiala

Women Empowerment: Role of Business Management as a Discipline

Gaganpreet Kaur, Patiala

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