Capacity Building Of Women Managers

 Womens' Studies Centre  Cordially invites you to the UGC sponsored workshop on

Capacity Building of Women Managers in Higher Education

Sensitization/Awareness/Motivation (SAM)  at Senate Hall on January 17,2011

Dr. H.K. Chauhan would be the Inaugural Speaker, Dr. Pam Rajput would be the keynote Speaker, Dr. Jaspal Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Punjabi University, Patiala shal preside over the Function


Concept note of workshop on “Capacity Building of Women Managers in Higher Education”


The University Grants Commission has launched a major programme for women in higher education. The data shows that the percentage of women at the higher levels of decision-making is very low in both the academic and administrative sectors of the universities, colleges and other academic & research institutions. This situation has adversaly affected the adoption of objectives, policies, programmes, curricula and structures that are needed to ensure gender justice and equality in higher education. To bring about a change in this situation, the number of gender senitized and committed women in decision-making positions is required to be increased.

Of late, the University Grants Commission has been emphasizing gender equality and inclusion in higher education policies and curricula and the concept of inclusion is clearly articulated in the Xith Plan of the UGC. To achieve the objective of gender equality, one area of concern is the need to increase the number of women in decision-making positions in higher education and develop a gender friendly environment.


With this in view, the UGC scheme for capacity Building of Women Managers in Higher Education has been formulated for women in the higher and middle level positions. Under the scheme, the stake holders are required to attend a five day workshop with emphasis on sensitizing women to the current situation to develop sensitivity and awareness of the situation and to instil motivation for taking us decision-making positions. The workshop is conducted by Trainer Associates based on manuals prepared by the UGC for this scheme and the methodology is participatory.


The above-mentioned scheme invites universities to nominate women holding higher and middle level positions to undergo this training. Under the scheme, some of the women participants in worshop are identified as trainers and are provided special skills to take on the role of local coordinators and Trainer Associates. In turn, these women are expected to undertake the responsibility for organising more of such workshops in respective institutions.

Punjabi University had deputed participants from it affiliated colleges/ departments for both the workshops. The Local Coordinator, Dr. Manju Verma, Director, Womens' Studies Centre has been trained in the Training of Trainers Workshop and the centre is happy to announce that the Womens' Studies Centre has been selected to conduct the said workshops. The centre is happy to take on the responsibility to conduct the training for women academicians and administrators at the higher and middle level positions in institutions under the jurisdiction of Punjabi University. It is worth mentioning that punjabi University has 207 affiliated colleges, neighborhood campuses and regional centres. The Womens' Studies centre is the nodle centre and take the responsibility of organising such workshops as per UGC guidelines to achive the mandate of gender equality and empowerment in the institutions of higher education.

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