Empowerment of Women: Understanding Ambedkar’s Viewpoint

Dr. Navjot, Assistant Professor, Deptt. of Pol. Sci., Panjab University, Chandigarh.


In the popular mind, the major contribution of Ambedkar, hailed as the architect of the Indian Constitution, having been the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of Indian Constitution, is his crusade for securing the rightful place for the discriminated, deprived and downtrodden sections of our society.  In this paper an attempt is made to look at Ambedkar not as a dalit hero alone, but as saviours of the Indian women. Ambedkar made sincere efforts in understanding the reality about the status of women in India and advocate a practical reformist measures especially comprehensive Hindu Code Bill for the Upliftment of women. Later on these measures form the basis of the legislation for providing better opportunities to women so that they can occupy a position of equality, respect and can realize their potentials for building an equitable and egalitarian society. In Ambedkar's philosophy, the women of India found a new identity. His words and deeds have inspired thousands of women, and will continue to do so, in their struggle against injustice and inequality. One of the noteworthy results of his life-work has been the awakening of women, which made them shed their deep-rooted sense of inferiority and rise to dignity and self- esteem. The paper also point out that Ambedkar was very clear about the fact that is a direct relationship between caste and gender and gender could not be seen in isolation from caste. He thus believes that any social transformation is incomplete till gender discrimination in that society comes to an end.

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